“There is no difference between faking confidence and having confidence.”

– Jerry Seinfeld while talking with Steve Martin about the early days of his comedy. It turns out Martin was often “faking” his confidence on stage. Here’s a video… note the way he just struts out and let’s us have it.

I started writing today’s blog over an hour ago. I have written and deleted it 3 or 4 times. One version of it was a personal journey of my own confidence faking in the last year, but then I realized I wrote that shit already. Another version was a review of the show “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee”. I wrote about how I read 4 kinds of books: Spiritual, Business, Comedy and Harry Potter. I wrote a brief but intense angry letter to my cats who have gone in and out 14 times in 48 minutes. Why are cats always on the wrong side of the door? This I may publish.

Then I stopped writing and deleting and danced along to King Tut. My inner weirdo freed by Martin, I remembered why I am writing these blogs. They are for me, and though I might have an audience (YOU RULE), the point isn’t for me to pander to what I think this mysterious audience might want. The reason I’m writing is to let my inner stillness that so much wants to express have a form. I’m not writing for followers, I’m writing to follow my heart.

So here’s today’s blog. I don’t love it, but it’s up. I kept my commitment to myself. And THAT is the difference between FAKING confidence and building confidence. You build confidence not because 7000 people cheer when you sing King Tut. You build confidence because you say “I’m going to go on stage and be a total idiot, because I said I would.”

The end.

PS. Next time you are folding a mountain of laundry: Put these on.
Jim Carrey “Orange Juice Pulp is an illusion”
Steve Martin “There is no difference between faking confidence and having confidence”
Barack Obama “One brand of underwear. One color.”