Last night we were watching an episode of Cosmos in which Neil deGrasse Tyson was guiding us into DNA and showing us how evolution works.

I’m fascinated by this process, as studies about DNA come out and show us how our environment and our consciousness level can impact our DNA.

The work I do with people is evolutionary in nature. The work of evolution is now about our consciousness. Having the courage to go within and love all that we find in ourselves is the brightest light work we can do.

As we are all connected by DNA, roads, the internet, our breath and our food systems (to name a few), the more willing you are to be with yourself, the more transformative you become.

If you have the courage to face internal the patterns that say “I don’t matter”, you may find it easier invest in humanely raised animal products or organic vegetables.

If you have the willingness to see the pain inside of you, you may find it easier to see the pain in the person next to you at yoga and reach out to say “Hi, how are you”… and mean it.

The change we need is one of the heart, one of the soul, one of consciousness. Your meditation practice matters AND so does the way you bring that space into the world. Your yoga practice matters AND so does the way it changes your relationships.