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there is no difference between faking confidence and having confidence

"There is no difference between faking confidence and having confidence." - Jerry Seinfeld while talking with Steve Martin about the early days of his comedy. It turns out Martin was often "faking" his confidence on stage. Here's a video... note the way he just struts out and let's us have it. I started writing today's blog over [...]

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Write. Every. Day.

Write. Every. Day. I stopped writing for a while, for multiple reasons. Mostly, I had lost my gumption. My spirit to express was in need of replenishing and so I went internal and let my process be my own. In the last few months, I have realized I miss the way my fingers dance out the expression of [...]

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How to Soothe an Overstimulated Nervous System

How to Soothe an Overstimulated Nervous System Is it just me, or are you a totally different person in the morning than you were the night before? It's like the night Amy and the morning Amy have never even thought to meet up. Maybe this is why it's good to stay up all night once [...]

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i see you

"I see you. You view the world a little differently than the average muggle. You have strange superpowers, like the ability to sense when someone is going to sneeze before they do. Or you know when someone is going to call you. Or you can talk to spiders. You are a misfit, and you are [...]

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dear yoga

Dear Yoga, When we first met, you were my sanctuary. You were the place where I was safe; where I was held and encouraged to grow and stretch. Somewhere along the way, you became my everything, and then you crushed my dreams and shattered my heart. In the beginning, yoga teachers were my heroes. They had [...]

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bring a friend beyond the veil

Last Sunday night, I went to my friend Isabelle Tierney's house for dinner. As usual, our conversation was a fascinating recitation of the personal experiences we've had illustrating the veil is lifting, synchronicity is ruling, and the age of suffering and contrast has faded. We then sat down for a meditation. For the past 3 or 4 years, she and I have been journeying through the subtle realms together. Typically, we sit down,

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miss me?

For over a year, I was dedicated to writing a weekly blog. And in that year, I would basically take what I was learning and experiencing, and scale it down into something that was tangible, practical and readable for almost anyone. I wrote to practice writing. I wrote to practice being vulnerable. I wrote because [...]

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wtf december?

This morning I did something weird, I asked December this question: WHAT THE F*^K MAN? The answer came in the form of this post... For most of this month, I have felt some form of weird, tired, disembodied, freaked out, abundant, depressed, exuberant, mortified, horrified, jubilated, invigorated, ashamed, sick as a dog, afraid, devoted, demoted, [...]

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what’s so hard about asking?

what’s so hard about asking? I ask a lot of questions. That’s what coaches do. However there is one area I haven’t been bold enough to ask in: Receiving. As in asking others to give to me. I realized last night that I rarely ask for anything from anyone. Primarily because I don’t like feeling like [...]

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Dear Funk

Dear Funk I see you. I hear you. I feel you. And I'm going to write anyway. I hear your request to stay in bed all day. I hear your charming Eeyore voice say why bother washing the dishes or the clothes or my hair. I hear you saying just coffee and cheese is all I need. [...]

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