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how to up-level your yoga teaching

How is the technology of yoga assisting in the evolution of human consciousness? I ask this every day. And then I ask "what part do I play in it all?". Because I'm asking these questions, a vision is starting to form. Part of that vision is a collective up-leveling of teachers. I invite you to read [...]

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what i don’t want you to know: environment edition

I saw Interstellar this week. Which I highly recommend you see. Whether the science is right or the acting is bad isn't what matters, what matters is that hopefully it will stir some questions in you. Here's the premise of the movie, Earth has run out of food except corn. Humanity is slowing dying off. And we have to go to space to find a new habitat. I LOVED the questions this movie posed about human evolution, higher dimensions and love.

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the source of love is already within you

Remember the book "Are You My Mother?" Where the little bird wanders around looking for her mother? Everyone is like that little bird sometimes. We wander around hoping the next person, email, Facebook post, Youtube video, snack, yoga class, will be the answer to our problems. So we scatter our energy and search and seek and [...]

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yoga is selfish

yoga is selfish I've heard a lot of opinions about yoga. Most of them I laugh off. But when Ben, a man who doesn't practice, said "Yoga is selfish," something was triggered in me. I could have easily argued with him that yoga can save the world. I could have told him how all of the world's issues are about [...]

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the power of the unknown

the power of the unknown Confession: I’ve been a manic manifestor. I’ve been putting tons of forced effort into creating a reasonable and profitable version of something that resembles my soul’s desires. Yeah, I’m so sure that’s what my soul came to Earth to do. Be reasonable and make a profit. Yeah, how’s that working [...]

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soaring skills

soaring skills Photo by Carl Kerridge Grande Jete I'm really good at leaping. Literally. In ballet, we don't call them leaps, we call them grand jetes. And I'm still really good at them. In fact, they are probably one of my favorite dance moves, ever. Speaking of important dance moves, watch this. In [...]

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bone cell in the brain

bone cell in the brain Every cell in your body has an inherent nature. Some of the cells are created to be bone cells, some are fat cells, some are brain cells. I love how they are all very different from one another and yet they all need each other. What if being human is [...]

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shelves and selves

shelves and selves Recently, as I was climbing into bed, I looked over at my bookshelf and saw my books in a new way. Shelves of incredible teachings, channelings and lovely messages. I'd read and loved each one. And each one has taught me something about my self. And as I was looking at my [...]

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f-word you

f-word you There are many Fantastic words that start with F, but specifically, I'm talking about Forgiveness. You may or may not have noticed that last week, I didn't write my blog. Instead of writing, I was busy with meetings, calls, and clients. I had filled up my calendar with way too much was so [...]

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thriving on change

thriving on change Things are changing for me. Which is fantastic. I thrive on change. LOVE it in fact. Right now I'm even changing the way I handle change. My typical method for change has been: First: realize I am bored Second: freak out and start searching the internet for answers and relief Third: quickly [...]

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