believe it to see it

Eye doctors say strange things to me. “You have the eyes of a 60 year old woman,” and “You should get a past life healing on your eyes,” are two of my favorites.

When I was 12, my left eye had a lump in it and swelled shut. I had surgery to have it removed. When I was 19, I managed to contract a random 3rd world eye disease, which like 3 in 1 million American’s get. At 21 I had reconstructive surgery on my eye lids to repair the damage from the mysterious 3rd world eye disease.

I have had every kind of treatment on my eyes, except laser surgery of course. My eyes are “too old for that.” The reason I’m telling you this is because I’ve been told I will most likely go blind. Which is a very uncreative thing to say to someone in their 20s. Of course I cried my face off about it, and then I said “fuck that”. Instead I’ve explored what it means to see. What it means to be seen. What it means to be a visionary and what is vision.

I’ve googled eye health and variations of it a thousand times. I have several books about eye nutrition, eye yoga and eye fitness. I have read that the eyes are related to the liver and the third chakra. Ayurveda talks about the eyes having Pitta imbalances, and you can heal them with ghee (clarified butter) and rose water. Even with all of the information I have gathered, I still haven’t completely healed this.

In all of it, what I have found is that we rely so heavily on vision, which is one of our least trust worthy senses. “See it to believe it” is one of the most ignorant policies there is.

Here’s a basic reminder about how the eyes work. Light hits an object, and is reflected into your eye. Your eye flips the image upside-down and sends the light to the opposite side of the brain. The brain then flips it right side up and interprets and fills in the holes to create an image.

Did you ever notice how you don’t have blank spots when you blink? Probably not. The brain keeps the image seamless and filled in based on what it expects to see. So basically, everything we see is an interpretation of light based on expectations.

It’s more like believe it to see it.

On top of that, humans can only see a small percentage of the light spectrum. We actually can’t really see light unless we look directly at its source. We really only see objects that are in light. When I go through eye “problems”, I find myself pausing to really really look at what is in front of me.

I am most fascinated by living things: humans, plants, mountains, animals, bugs, the sky. What if you looked at everything like it could be the both the last and first time you saw that thing. I bet you would notice that your plant isn’t just green. It has veins and yellows and little hair thingies and it moves and grows and drinks.

Here’s another fun fact. Your pineal gland, also known as your third eye, has actual rods and cones: light receptors. I wonder why a gland in the middle of your brain would have light receptors? And what do they see?

My new business is asking new things of me. I’m putting myself “out there” more and more and asking to be seen by others. The thing is I can’t control how people see me. I’m also coaching people and seeing them with unique perspective from my inner vision. I’m being asked to really see myself and create a vision for how I want my life to be.

Challenge your own interpretations of what you think you are looking at. Slow down a bit and see if your world starts to appear new. Are you trying to control how others see you? Do you really see yourself?

Thank your eyes for the amazing show they are constantly broadcasting for you. Maybe you’ll start seeing things you never believed possible.