big houses need big foundations

Many of the things I have dreamed up have started to move out of the dream realm, and into the physical realm. Totally fun to watch and I’m super excited about all of this growth. And at the same time, I’m also feeling an edge that I could call overwhelm.

However, instead of getting overwhelmed, I’m implementing a few practices that slow me down, keep me grounded and help me transform this expansion into a lifestyle that serves me and others.

Even though our culture convinces us we live in linear time, we actually live in a universe where nothing is permanent and everything moves in spiraling cycles. Right now, I recognize and celebrate that I’m joyful, creative, and expanding. And I know that the phase of inward reflection and slowing down will come again. I’m done living the illusion that I should always be on, going and happy. As much as I appreciate being creative, and excited and joyful, I appreciate the slow down and the inward times as well.

In order to balance out these two arenas of my life, I’m actually starting to really study them and see them not as opposites, but as partners. Just as the inhale needs the exhale, the expansion needs the rest.

Here’s what I’m committed to implementing during this cycle of expansion:


  • When I think “I have SO MUCH to do right now”, I take a deep breath and a sip of water and switch my energy from “rushed” to “Queen of I’ve got this”.
  • I don’t let the adrenaline freak out happen, instead I stay tuned into loving awareness.
  • When I feel like there is so much excitement moving through my body, I take a dance break so that the energy can anchor into my body through movement.
  • When I get up in the morning, I take ONE HOUR before I look at my email, texts, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.
  • Morning meditation, appreciation, and yoga are a must.
  • At night, I put the screens away by 9:30pm or 10:00pm depending on my schedule. Then I read and meditate.
  • I’m not obsessively checking my phone at stop lights.
  • Awe and appreciation of my professional cycle, my hormonal cycle, the seasonal cycle, and the moon cycle.
  • Staying anchored to source energy and not taking any successes personally, while still celebrating and appreciating them.


The intention with these commitments is that they will help smooth out the transitions between cycles. That if I invite more slow down and reflection in when I feel expansive, I might feel more joyful when I’m in slow down.

A big house needs a big foundation. If I want to grow out, I have to also grow in. The amount of energy I put out has to match the energy I put in. Tall trees have deep roots. Etc.

Let’s end the cultural illusion that punishes us if we aren’t always “ON”. Let’s get radical and admit that part of being in the flow, is resting, rebuilding and pausing.

I’d love to hear how you are moving out of linear time and into cyclical evolution. What practices do you have? How are they working for you?