bone cell in the brain

Every cell in your body has an inherent nature. Some of the cells are created to be bone cells, some are fat cells, some are brain cells. I love how they are all very different from one another and yet they all need each other.

What if being human is the same? Each of us is born with a specific talent or inclination and our talents serve each other. When I say talent, I don’t mean your job, or even your purpose. Just that thing that makes you feel alive. That thing that you lose track of time doing.

Some people it’s very obvious and they are born with an epic talent for painting or brewing chai or pig farming. Some people there was never any doubt that they are here on Earth to study the sea pig.

Maybe you are like me, and your talents are more subtle. Your talent might be to take care of your mom’s cat or it could be to push other people’s buttons. Maybe you have awesome planking skills, or perhaps you are really good at being boring.

The problem is that our culture is pretty much set up to put people into boxes. Instead of a system that fits people, we have a system that makes people fit to it. In this system of fitting in, you can’t just paint, you have to be a painter. You can’t just dance, you have to be a dancer. Fuck that. Do what feels good without it defining you. Your talent might be your job. But mostly it’s just what makes you feel really good.

I recently read a book called “The Spark”. A fascinating story about a mother and her autistic son and how she learned to harness his talents. Lucky for her, and her son, she had already developed this sense of helping small children follow their spark. Example, she noticed one child being really interested in what she was doing in the kitchen, so she invited her to stir the macaroni. Later in childhood, this kid started working in soup kitchens. Or another child who seemed to be really interested in the screws on the stereo and on the tv. She went out and got him a bunch of old electronics and later he became an inventor.

Here’s the thing, not very many of us have the guidance of a woman like Kris in The Spark. Most of us have parents who were also forced through a system that asked them to fit in and pick one of the jobs on the list. So by no fault of their own, they weren’t able to see and harness your talents.

Since maybe it isn’t obvious, and maybe our parents didn’t feed the spark, we get to explore now. What makes you light up? Are you doing it?

Want to hear something weird? I think my talent is to ask tough questions. Inherently, I’ve always wanted to demystify the human experience. I want to know why do brides have bridesmaids? And who was the first person to eat an avocado? Why are our houses square? Do I have to wash my hair? What if my purple looks different than your purple? Why do we have fish in bowls in our houses?

It’s not that I’m saying these things are wrong, I just wonder how did we get to this point? And is this place really working for us?

My weird talent could actually help you find your weird talent. Why aren’t you doing what you love to do? What is your secret dream? What is your secret fear? Do you like peach pie?

Imagine if everyone in the world was living their magical talent. Currently, the world looks like a bunch of bone cells trying to be brain cells. And brain cells trying to be eye cells. And hair cells trying to be skin cells. What a disaster that is.

Imagine, if everyone just knew what they were good at and did that?

How could that work? Surely there is NO ONE that wants to pick up the garbage. Surely there isn’t anyone that wants to take care of other people’s toilets. That’s not for us to worry about. The thing we need to focus on is finding out what our talents are, and living from them.

If you dream of learning how to cook, do it. If you dream of putting a hammock in your backyard, do it.
The best way to help others is to be you. Stop trying to be the bone cell in the brain.