bring a friend beyond the veil

Last Sunday night, I went to my friend Isabelle Tierney’s house for dinner. As usual, our conversation was a fascinating recitation of the personal experiences we’ve had illustrating the veil is lifting, synchronicity is ruling, and the age of suffering and contrast has faded.

We then sat down for a meditation. For the past 3 or 4 years, she and I have been journeying through the subtle realms together. Typically, we sit down, close our eyes, and watch the inner realms start to speak to us. We are shown angels, galaxies, bone structure, DNA, love, relationships, song lyrics, strange words, dreams, possible futures, reframes of the past, portals, deities…

All the while we speak aloud what we are seeing.

Turning the journey into a conversation changes everything. Each revelation leads to another and suddenly the layers of synchronicity get freaky and wonderful. And they get more powerful. Together we amplify the experience.

Sunday’s meditation was by far one of the most phenomenal and delightfully layered adventures we have ever had.

I have yet to figure out how to put this type of experience into words… We were shown the connections between sexuality and the balancing of the masculine and feminine energies on Earth. We were shown the magic that is available to all humans (magic in the sense of Harry Potter, not Burt Wonderstone.) We had visceral experiences of our brains and wombs being upgraded. We were invited to surrender more into a state of receptivity. We were shown the potency and power of the subtle realms.

We take these journeys without substances, and it is the culmination of our combined years of energy healing and meditation that allow us to open this realm so easily.

The cool thing is that as Isabelle and I (and others like us) dive into these realms, we are thinning the veil for all. Interestingly, it seems that there is an urgent call for more and more humans to adventure in this way.

If the mystery had a FB ad it would probably say something like:
ISO: Humans who are willing to dive into the silence and weed through the old to create a vast and full connection to their intuition. 

It is clear from my experiences with friends and clients that the time of the guru has passed. We each have access to the greatest truths simply by slowing down and having the courage to look through the invisible. And sometimes we need each other to show us a trail, a map or a direction to head.

To me, these journeys are a system of metaphorical and sometimes literal guide posts for how to translate the subtle into the physical. They are school for life. Mostly they are a playground for my intuition to flourish and my awareness to expand to realms of great mystery and wonder. I always come out of the experience with a greater knowing of who I am and why I am alive now.

I am just realizing that I am one of the rare birds who was trained in the subtle realms from a young age. I never shared my random skills, because I thought that everyone knew them, the same way we all know how to shampoo our hair and boil water.

I’m sorry I made an assumption that kept my gifts hidden. Let’s get our gifts out people. Show them to our friends and find out if they want to share! No more hiding behind shut doors, open up about your weird magical knowings. Not to teach anyone but rather to amplify and collaborate. MORE LOVE!

Let me know if you want to come to the playground with me sometime. I love to dive into the unknown, the realm of potential and surf the possibilities.

I love you. All is well.