Epic Human Level: MOM

One of my closest soul sisters told me "this is the most you I've ever seen you." It's true. Since the moment Richii and I intentionally conceived M. I have felt a deep and unquestionable faith in the process of becoming a mother. Throughout my pregnancy I chose to filter all the advice through my [...]

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Ahead of the Wave

As you know, humanity is in the midst of transformation and if you are reading this, you are probably ahead of the wave. If you are reading this, you are at the forefront creating businesses, putting ideas out, creating publications, writing, speaking, finding new ways of doing and being. Being at the front of the [...]

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Write. Every. Day.

Write. Every. Day. I stopped writing for a while, for multiple reasons. Mostly, I had lost my gumption. My spirit to express was in need of replenishing and so I went internal and let my process be my own. In the last few months, I have realized I miss the way my fingers dance out the expression of [...]

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the source of love is already within you

Remember the book "Are You My Mother?" Where the little bird wanders around looking for her mother? Everyone is like that little bird sometimes. We wander around hoping the next person, email, Facebook post, Youtube video, snack, yoga class, will be the answer to our problems. So we scatter our energy and search and seek and [...]

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bone cell in the brain

bone cell in the brain Every cell in your body has an inherent nature. Some of the cells are created to be bone cells, some are fat cells, some are brain cells. I love how they are all very different from one another and yet they all need each other. What if being human is [...]

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you freaky little love muffin

you freaky little love muffin In the last few months, I've been mildly aware of something weird in me when I'm teaching yoga. It was a strange awkwardness that I couldn't quite put a finger on. So I started asking for feedback, and different people would tell me different things. So and so would say [...]

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