Epic Human Level: MOM

One of my closest soul sisters told me "this is the most you I've ever seen you." It's true. Since the moment Richii and I intentionally conceived M. I have felt a deep and unquestionable faith in the process of becoming a mother. Throughout my pregnancy I chose to filter all the advice through my [...]

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Ahead of the Wave

As you know, humanity is in the midst of transformation and if you are reading this, you are probably ahead of the wave. If you are reading this, you are at the forefront creating businesses, putting ideas out, creating publications, writing, speaking, finding new ways of doing and being. Being at the front of the [...]

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there is no difference between faking confidence and having confidence

"There is no difference between faking confidence and having confidence." - Jerry Seinfeld while talking with Steve Martin about the early days of his comedy. It turns out Martin was often "faking" his confidence on stage. Here's a video... note the way he just struts out and let's us have it. I started writing today's blog over [...]

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i see you

"I see you. You view the world a little differently than the average muggle. You have strange superpowers, like the ability to sense when someone is going to sneeze before they do. Or you know when someone is going to call you. Or you can talk to spiders. You are a misfit, and you are [...]

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wtf december?

This morning I did something weird, I asked December this question: WHAT THE F*^K MAN? The answer came in the form of this post... For most of this month, I have felt some form of weird, tired, disembodied, freaked out, abundant, depressed, exuberant, mortified, horrified, jubilated, invigorated, ashamed, sick as a dog, afraid, devoted, demoted, [...]

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what’s so hard about asking?

what’s so hard about asking? I ask a lot of questions. That’s what coaches do. However there is one area I haven’t been bold enough to ask in: Receiving. As in asking others to give to me. I realized last night that I rarely ask for anything from anyone. Primarily because I don’t like feeling like [...]

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shelves and selves

shelves and selves Recently, as I was climbing into bed, I looked over at my bookshelf and saw my books in a new way. Shelves of incredible teachings, channelings and lovely messages. I'd read and loved each one. And each one has taught me something about my self. And as I was looking at my [...]

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big houses need big foundations

big houses need big foundations Many of the things I have dreamed up have started to move out of the dream realm, and into the physical realm. Totally fun to watch and I'm super excited about all of this growth. And at the same time, I'm also feeling an edge that I could call overwhelm. [...]

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slow down

slow down Today I don't want to write. I have started and deleted 4 or 5 blogs this morning. I feel slow and like I have nothing to say. I actually kind of want to go back to bed. I wouldn't say I'm grumpy or uninspired. I just feel pretty average and like I'd rather [...]

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i refuse to let humanity default

i refuse to let humanity default We all have a default. A default set of behaviors. A default way of thinking. A default language. A default future. This default is usually based in our childhood and the way we learned to be based on our environment and our feelings about our environment. If we let [...]

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