soaring skills

soaring skills Photo by Carl Kerridge Grande Jete I'm really good at leaping. Literally. In ballet, we don't call them leaps, we call them grand jetes. And I'm still really good at them. In fact, they are probably one of my favorite dance moves, ever. Speaking of important dance moves, watch this. In [...]

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f-word you

f-word you There are many Fantastic words that start with F, but specifically, I'm talking about Forgiveness. You may or may not have noticed that last week, I didn't write my blog. Instead of writing, I was busy with meetings, calls, and clients. I had filled up my calendar with way too much was so [...]

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thriving on change

thriving on change Things are changing for me. Which is fantastic. I thrive on change. LOVE it in fact. Right now I'm even changing the way I handle change. My typical method for change has been: First: realize I am bored Second: freak out and start searching the internet for answers and relief Third: quickly [...]

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we get to make it up

we get to make it up Let's talk about right now. This moment. This moment includes the following amazing things that you probably only partially understand and rarely explore:  Your digestive system is doing it's process of breaking down the pizza you ate for lunch. Through a beautiful system of magical pumps, high powered acids [...]

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believe it to see it

believe it to see it Eye doctors say strange things to me. "You have the eyes of a 60 year old woman," and "You should get a past life healing on your eyes," are two of my favorites. When I was 12, my left eye had a lump in it and swelled shut. I had [...]

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