Ahead of the Wave

As you know, humanity is in the midst of transformation and if you are reading this, you are probably ahead of the wave. If you are reading this, you are at the forefront creating businesses, putting ideas out, creating publications, writing, speaking, finding new ways of doing and being. Being at the front of the [...]

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i see you

"I see you. You view the world a little differently than the average muggle. You have strange superpowers, like the ability to sense when someone is going to sneeze before they do. Or you know when someone is going to call you. Or you can talk to spiders. You are a misfit, and you are [...]

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bring a friend beyond the veil

Last Sunday night, I went to my friend Isabelle Tierney's house for dinner. As usual, our conversation was a fascinating recitation of the personal experiences we've had illustrating the veil is lifting, synchronicity is ruling, and the age of suffering and contrast has faded. We then sat down for a meditation. For the past 3 or 4 years, she and I have been journeying through the subtle realms together. Typically, we sit down,

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wtf december?

This morning I did something weird, I asked December this question: WHAT THE F*^K MAN? The answer came in the form of this post... For most of this month, I have felt some form of weird, tired, disembodied, freaked out, abundant, depressed, exuberant, mortified, horrified, jubilated, invigorated, ashamed, sick as a dog, afraid, devoted, demoted, [...]

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the power of the unknown

the power of the unknown Confession: I’ve been a manic manifestor. I’ve been putting tons of forced effort into creating a reasonable and profitable version of something that resembles my soul’s desires. Yeah, I’m so sure that’s what my soul came to Earth to do. Be reasonable and make a profit. Yeah, how’s that working [...]

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this could be the last blog i write

this could be the last blog i write I was prepared to write a blog all about why people hire coaches, when I received news that another classmate passed away. Another meaning the 4th this year. I went to a small school district with about 85 kids in each class. For the most part, the [...]

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conceptual spirituality

conceptual spirituality There's too much conceptual spirituality out there. Too many "Namaste" bumper stickers and not enough actual experience of namaste. Spirituality isn't the books you have read, the lectures you have been to, or the teachers you have studied with. It's the experience. It's not saying namaste, it's being namaste. You should see the [...]

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we get to make it up

we get to make it up Let's talk about right now. This moment. This moment includes the following amazing things that you probably only partially understand and rarely explore:  Your digestive system is doing it's process of breaking down the pizza you ate for lunch. Through a beautiful system of magical pumps, high powered acids [...]

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mystery and miracles

mystery and miracles With my blog, and my yoga classes and my life, I open your eyes to the magic and miracles that are all around you and IN YOU. I dream of a world where we all know that there are actual wizards and muggles on Earth now. You have a fairy god mother (or two hundred) [...]

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