Spider I Love you.

Spider I love you Earlier this week I was wandering through Boulder Public Library behind the cutest 16 month old I know. We mostly rode up and down the elevator, but she did pull out one book from the children's section: A book about bugs, that also happened to be written in Spanish. So basically, [...]

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Your Heart Matters

Last night we were watching an episode of Cosmos in which Neil deGrasse Tyson was guiding us into DNA and showing us how evolution works. I'm fascinated by this process, as studies about DNA come out and show us how our environment and our consciousness level can impact our DNA. The work I do with [...]

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get a clue

get a clue Part 1: Hey guys... this isn't working We are in the midst of a total system overhaul. Look around and you'll see how many of our cultural systems have been played out. For many of us, the flaws in the system are glaringly obvious, and yet the new systems have yet to emerge. [...]

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3 mistakes I made in my coaching business

The 3 mistakes I made in my coaching business 1. I went for the safe desire. Some things you desire so deeply that going for them makes you feel vulnerable, raw and exposed. What if it doesn't happen? I will be crushed. Other things would be cool if they worked out, but no big deal if they [...]

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Can I be a clear vessel if I have a position?

(I'm trying a new writing technique... write while in meditation) When I try to think of something wise and significant to say, a subtle veil of distortion comes down around my body. About two feet away from my body; a shield of tense energy. As if now that I've put some wisdom out there, I must defend [...]

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Did you know Friday is named after the Nordic Goddess Freya? From Doreen Virtue's Goddess Guidance Cards: "Earth goddess of fertility, celebration and passion, Freya rides a chariot pulled by mighty cats across the rainbow bridge connecting Heaven and Earth." Freya. Look at that cat. That cat will eat your face. So if you need [...]

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contraction isn’t what you think it is

contraction isn't what you think it is In case you missed the memo, I'm pregnant. And I am continually surprised about the ways pregnancy is changing me and my world. Here's a weird one: We know about cycles of contraction and expansion. Previously, I understood this as: expansion is where you learn all this awesome stuff and [...]

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quit your hiding

quit your hiding Adam, in his high-fashion-dashing-good-looks and articulate-word-dancer-way, made his journey around the circle to each of the magic-makers in the room and told us "Who you are for me". He recognized K. as "divine feminine incarnate" He reminded E. she is "the voice of God" T. was "the best big brother I never had" J. "You're [...]

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How to Soothe an Overstimulated Nervous System

How to Soothe an Overstimulated Nervous System Is it just me, or are you a totally different person in the morning than you were the night before? It's like the night Amy and the morning Amy have never even thought to meet up. Maybe this is why it's good to stay up all night once [...]

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dear yoga

Dear Yoga, When we first met, you were my sanctuary. You were the place where I was safe; where I was held and encouraged to grow and stretch. Somewhere along the way, you became my everything, and then you crushed my dreams and shattered my heart. In the beginning, yoga teachers were my heroes. They had [...]

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