conceptual spirituality

There’s too much conceptual spirituality out there. Too many “Namaste” bumper stickers and not enough actual experience of namaste. Spirituality isn’t the books you have read, the lectures you have been to, or the teachers you have studied with. It’s the experience. It’s not saying namaste, it’s being namaste.

You should see the bookshelf by my bed, it’s three shelves stuffed with books about spirit, soul transcendence, astral travel, planetary evolution, yoga, Egypt, Atlantis. As much as I love my books, reading just becomes another layer in the fabric of stories that is my version of reality. You could read all about strawberries. Would you have any idea what a strawberry tastes like? The point of being an earthling in a body isn’t to understand strawberries, it is to experience strawberries. It isn’t to tame your anger, it’s to experience anger. Being human isn’t about making the right choices and being good, it’s about being you. Experience yourself.

The cool thing about experiencing yourself is you are the universe experiencing itself. Stop reading for a second and drop into your heart. Start to look around with out seeing anything in particular. Remember that the blue on the book next to you is a wave of light hitting your eye and being interpreted in your brain. Feel your body, the clothes on your skin. Let the sensations be waves of information. Watch how the mind wants to start labeling. Watch how your breath moves in and out of your body. A wave of energy being given and received by some mysterious force.

Earth is in an incredible transformation right now. I’m sure you can feel it. And you, as a co-creator are participating in the shaping of our co-reality. If you want to see world peace, you have to start with your peace. Turn inward. Have the courage to face your demons and draw your energy off of them. Take back your energy leaks. Talk to your angels. Allow the waves of feelings to emerge after years of lurking deep in your consciousness.

What you are looking for is where you are looking from. Yeah, but how? How do I do this? Do I need the right crystals and malas and t-shirts and the right meditation cushion and the right music and the right candle and the right books?

Connecting with spirit isn’t about which yoga class you go to or which mala you bought. Those things only matter if you make them matter. Sure a mala would be a better meditation tool than a ham sandwich, but the truth is, everything is a manifestation of spirit. Explore what feels sacred to you. What are you great at? What makes you come alive? Don’t ask with your mind, ask with your heart. Practice feeling sacred, great, creative, and abundant. Live there.

How do you know what sacred is? You just do. The same way you know what joy is. It’s an experience. Explore your inner realm, it’s rich and bright and wow. WOW!