we get to make it up

Let’s talk about right now. This moment.

This moment includes the following amazing things that you probably only partially understand and rarely explore:

  •  Your digestive system is doing it’s process of breaking down the pizza you ate for lunch. Through a beautiful system of magical pumps, high powered acids and tubes with internal brains, somehow that pizza becomes usable molecules and… that which needs to be discarded.
  • As you inhale, your heart beats and oxygen is being carted around your body to your cells. When your cells receive the oxygen, an epic party happens.
  • Your mitochondria are doing whatever it is mitochondria do. Something about being the cell’s power plant. Random fact, mitochondria has its own DNA.
  • Endoplasmic reticulm
  • Particles in your body are dancing in and out of reality… or are they… wait what?
  • Your brain is in a constant dance of electricity.
  • Your eyes are picking up light from the screen in front of you, the light is flipped upside down multiple times, your brain receives the light, interprets it and cross references all of the things it knows about the subject.
  • Your nervous system is reading the temperature in the room, the colors around you, the sound of the washing machine, your neighbor’s barking dog, the smell of coffee, the stupid itchy socks you are wearing.

All of this (and more) is happening while you ride a living rock through space at 1000 miles per hour. And you are like, “I’m bored”.

What a gift to be bored! Could you imagine what it would be like if you had to micromanage any of that with your thoughts?!? It is entirely awesome that some mysterious wisdom is keeping all of these bodily functions/miracles happening.

Who or what is that mysterious wisdom? There a probably a thousand words for it: nature, science, God, Spirit, Divinity, or The force, universe, consciousness, source, the vortex, light, love, energy. Words are words,what matters is you understand the experience they are referring to.

The whole point is to have a relationship with this force. Not an intellectual, philosophical and conceptual idea, but an experiential relationship. Get to know it in your own body. Take the time to decipher subtle feelings and what they are communicating.

What would it be like if you feel the electricity in your spine? Could you say thank you to your mitochondria? How would it feel if you heard them saying “you are welcome”? Once you are connected to your own little divine universe, explore the possibility that this force doesn’t just do this in your body, it’s happening in every single body. And not just the 7 billion human bodies, but also in the bodies of the dandelions, the pine beetles, the tigers, the hawks, the banana slugs, the Earth, the Milky Way. WOW!

One of my favorite spiritual teachers was a young human who was new to Earth… she had probably been here barely one year. For a few months, I was in charge of feeding her and she would teach me. We would spend our days crawling around and picking up chip crumbs, shoes, cat fur, rubber ducks and remote controls. All she would say was simply “WOW”.

In one word, this little one reminded me… spiritual practice is a simple shift in perspective: remembering, WOW this is all a miracle. In that shift, the universe reveals her secrets.

This little one, had not studied any lineage, and yet somehow she was pretty much directly connected to all lineage. She was innocent enough to approach the world as new, exciting, invigorating and miraculous. Here’s the good news, YOU ARE ALSO INNOCENT enough to have a direct relationship with spirit. Once you have done enough self exploration, you don’t need a teacher to say “On the 4th breath ganesha will arrive standing on a mouse, on the 8th breath you have to do 14 chaturangas, on the 75th breath, call your mom”.

Teachers and gurus are probably the best thing ever. I LOVE THEM and value them beyond measure. They have gotten humanity to the place we are now. Because the foundation has been laid by the teachers, we get to collectively step forward as our own divine teacher. Each of our hearts is directly and personally connected to the the mysterious force that keeps it beating. Create a relationship with this force. Make your own rituals. Do whatever practice you need. Set your default perspective to “WOW”. I’m realizing more and more how many of us are taking on this epic adventure of discovering our own spiritual paths. We get to make it up! Let’s create a community of trailblazers and world changers. Shoot me an email. WOW!