get a clue

Part 1: Hey guys… this isn’t working

We are in the midst of a total system overhaul. Look around and you’ll see how many of our cultural systems have been played out. For many of us, the flaws in the system are glaringly obvious, and yet the new systems have yet to emerge.

It’s easy to get caught in the frustration and anger of a system that doesn’t function and often leaves us going “WTF!”.

Of course, this is precisely what I’ve been experiencing in myself over the last few years. My old ways of operating in the world and inside of myself have completely burnt themselves out. I’ve been in and out of cycles of resentment and frustration, anger and confusion. I want to move ahead with success, and yet have been afraid to create another failing system. You too?

Part 2: So now what? 

Last week, we had a rare foggy morning here in Boulder. As I was driving to my friend’s house for meditation, I couldn’t actually see more than 20 feet of the road ahead, and yet, I had no doubt that it was there.

Why was I willing to have faith that a road I couldn’t see would appear? Mostly, I’ve driven the road many times. And unlike my belief systems, road systems don’t usually crumble under my feet.

Still, the metaphor of the foggy road is pretty sweet because the truth is, most of us can only metaphorically see about 20 feet ahead of us. (((YES, even those of us with awesome intuition.)))

Collectively and personally, as old systems dissolve, we have to keep going through the fog on the road ahead. Especially when we can only see the next step or two.

The willingness to forge ahead into the fog requires the kind of heart centered courage that the woo woos have been talking about for centuries. It takes trust in our instincts and a strong ability to be present and respond. Being present isn’t just a theme for yoga class, it’s a requirement for the new paradigm.

Part 3: Roads have maps, the evolution of humanity does not

Yes. There’s a flaw in my metaphor.

We might not have a map, but we do have clues in our hearts, as if we are on a giant collective treasure hunt. Just like a treasure hunt, one person’s clue isn’t enough. We need everyone’s clue.

Each clue looks different. Some of us make art to inspire people to keep going in the fog. Others explore how will we grow food. Some help us stay connected to our hearts. Others wonder if there is a better material we could wear on our bodies. Then there’s always the guy who makes sure we keep laughing.

Each human heart when illuminated and empowered provides a clue in our treasure hunt of collective evolution.

Part 4: Whatever you do: DO NOT LOOK FOR YOUR CLUE

The weird thing is that the clues don’t come in the form of answers, they often come as questions or states of being. And they are rarely about your “job” or what you “do”, but rather what perspective you choose to hold everyday. How you show up in basic daily life, and how you relate to yourself and others.

Sitting in the burnout and resentment of the old system won’t get you anywhere. Oddly, neither will trying to figure out what your clue is.

Your clue hides in your ability to have faith in the uncertainty, and take action. It only appears when you trust it will appear. It only reveals itself when you are willing to live one or two steps at a time… I’m breathing… I have strong legs… It smells like cow shit…. you know, here and now type awareness.

I spent years trying to figure out what I was meant to be doing with my life. Frustrated that I might be pointless, I asked every expert I could find. I have seen probably 100 different intuitives, vedic astrologers, coaches and healers.

I was desperate. Dear lord would someone just hand feed me instructions for what to do with my life? PLLLUUUEEEEEAAAASSSSSEEEE?!?!?!?!

Instead, they all gave me a fleeting glimpse of my clue that quickly dissolved into the minutia of self-doubt and daily commitments.

In the depth of my own burnout and frustration, I finally slowed myself WAY down and looked at all of the readings, all of the coaches, all of the personality assessments, all of my jobs, and all the things I love the most. When I slowed myself down and really honestly looked at myself, my clue found me.

Part 5: Call me.

Will Ferrell knows.

Part of my gift is to help you find your clue. I can see weird patterns in people. I hear things they aren’t saying. Together, we find your clue. I get you aligned. I slow you down.

If you are like me and you want to know “What am I meant to be doing? How can I best serve? What am I great at?” I’m now gifting strategy sessions. Send me an email at amydeviplay at gmail and we’ll get you on my calendar.