quit your hiding

Adam, in his high-fashion-dashing-good-looks and articulate-word-dancer-way, made his journey around the circle to each of the magic-makers in the room and told us “Who you are for me”.

  • He recognized K. as “divine feminine incarnate”
  • He reminded E. she is “the voice of God”
  • T. was “the best big brother I never had”
  • J. “You’re a firecracker”

It was like watching each person unwrap a precious gift that the giver had taken weeks to find. It was a wonderous adventure of discovery, laughter and joy.

When it was my turn, I remember hearing this “Amy. I’ve been trying to figure out what it is about you. And here’s the thing, there is no thing about you because you are transcendence itself. You are neither here nor there because you are the path.”

My whole body started trembling as if an invisible piece of my DNA was finally allowed to appear. A rush of electricity went both up and down my spine.

My secret superpower, that I didn’t know how to talk about, was liberated by the words of another who simply took the time to really see me.

Total. Fucking. Relief.

What a gift it is to be seen. Maybe you are like me and have spent most of your life trying to hide your superpowers because they seem weird or scary or confusing to others. When someone has the guts and skills to cut through your shit, right to your awesome, all sorts of wild change can happen in your reality.

Inspired that Adam saw one of my secret superpowers, I started to realize how much of myself I hide.

Here’s a few gems I think I’m hiding from you:

  • I was hand-selected to participate in 4PC. A Leadership Experience for the Top 4% of coaches. It’s kind of a big deal.
  • A woman who is a successful therapist of 30 years and is highly respected as an expert in her field often calls me for wisdom.
  • People invest time with me and miracles occur. Just yesterday I guided a client to upgrade her DNA. Shazam.
  • I adore this. 
  • In a normal day I talk to angels, computers, humans, water, crystals and spiders. I’m learning how to speak to cats.
  • I love cheese. I take my vitamins. I don’t always wash my dishes right away. When I binge watch, I choose The Office. I am not a muggle. I am related to Galadriel from LOTR. We have papasans instead of a couch… I hate them. I don’t understand health insurance.
  • And I’m excited that my butt is getting bigger as my pregnancy goes on!

Enough of hiding my awesome. It’s clearly not working anyway.

Have you ever made a list of the things you think you are hiding? The awesome and the not? What might happen if you let some of that out of the closet.

Thank you Adam, for your beautiful magic spell of revelation. That whole hiding thing was ready to go. Now, who you are for me. You are a beacon of hope and light. A rare gem of a man who can hold both masculine and feminine energies as all humans were designed to do.

May you be blessed.