soaring skills

Photo by Carl Kerridge

Photo by Carl Kerridge

Grande Jete

I’m really good at leaping. Literally. In ballet, we don’t call them leaps, we call them grand jetes. And I’m still really good at them. In fact, they are probably one of my favorite dance moves, ever. Speaking of important dance moves, watch this.

In order to physically do a grand jete with legs in full splits, most humans have to practice a lot. And having a teacher can help. My practice involved stretching everyday for years as I had to be able to do the splits on the ground before I could get in the air. Then I had to do thousands of grand battement (big kicks) a week, to train my leg to go that high. And I had to practice thousands of small jumps to get my ass to go that high. I did all these weird small things everyday so that, at the end of class, I was allowed to fly! To soar across the floor!

Here’s the catch, at the time, I had no idea that all the kicks, and small jumps and stretching was leading me to the grand jete. In my mind, it was all important, it all was significant. The soreness was just as important as the soaring leap.

Leap of Faith

I took a metaphorical leap a couple weeks ago when I left my main yoga teaching job that I’ve had for the last 4 years. Much like the physical leap, I have been preparing for this metaphorical leap without even realizing it. I have been practicing leading large groups of people in asana practice. I have been learning how to speak and write my truth. I have been allowing myself to be vulnerable. I have been stretching what I think is possible.

Unlike physical leaps that are over in a fraction of a second, this “leap of faith” seems to be lasting for ever. I feel suspended in uncertainty… and tired from the anticipation of landing. I’m energetically a little sore from holding this shape and this intention.

The good news is that when I leaped, I had a really clear vision of where I will be landing, and it is awesome. I’m in the process of updating my website to be more resonate with who I really am. I’m also in the process of creating a new form of work for myself: intensives, retreats, and group programs, as that is what I’m really great at. And for fun, my book is taking on a more clear and solid form.

In order to make space for all of this to manifest, I’m taking a 3 week trip to Europe. Part of that trip will be a retreat in Provence, France that I am co-facilitating with my friend and colleague Isabelle Tierney. Another part of that trip will be a few days on the coast of Spain, staring at Salvador Dali’s magnificent works. In the reflection of Dali, I’ll be asking myself to find the courage to let my own wildly creative, and sometimes controversial, self emerge more powerfully. I’m finishing the trip with a week in Great Britain visiting with one of my dearest friends. I have hopes of seeing some absurd mysteries like Stonehenge.

For the next three weeks, I am not promising any blogs. I may or may not write. If I do, it will be because I feel called to share and serve you.

For now the some Leaping Instructions:

1. Consider that when the time comes for you to take your own metaphorical leap, that you have probably been preparing for it without even knowing.

2. If you aren’t prepared, find a teacher or a coach or a mentor who can help set you up for success.

3. Leaping is totally awesome and worth the effort.

4. The key to a successful leap, is knowing where you will land.

5. Don’t look at your landing spot, look just ahead of it.