the power of the unknown

the power of the unknown Confession: I’ve been a manic manifestor. I’ve been putting tons of forced effort into creating a reasonable and profitable version of something that resembles my soul’s desires. Yeah, I’m so sure that’s what my soul came to Earth to do. Be reasonable and make a profit. Yeah, how’s that working [...]

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bone cell in the brain

bone cell in the brain Every cell in your body has an inherent nature. Some of the cells are created to be bone cells, some are fat cells, some are brain cells. I love how they are all very different from one another and yet they all need each other. What if being human is [...]

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f-word you

f-word you There are many Fantastic words that start with F, but specifically, I'm talking about Forgiveness. You may or may not have noticed that last week, I didn't write my blog. Instead of writing, I was busy with meetings, calls, and clients. I had filled up my calendar with way too much was so [...]

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