thriving on change

Things are changing for me. Which is fantastic. I thrive on change. LOVE it in fact. Right now I’m even changing the way I handle change.

My typical method for change has been:

First: realize I am bored
Second: freak out and start searching the internet for answers and relief
Third: quickly move to the next job, house, town… it might not be right, but at least it is different.

And Repeat.

I’ve been getting feedback that this method of tackling change doesn’t really work.

Here’s my new strategy:

First: Slow down.
I’ve mentioned this in several previous blogs. When I get that feeling of stagnancy, I don’t have to immediately start running. I know I want things to change, but I also want them to transform into awesomeness, not just more of the same shit. Slowing down means when I get off the phone with a client, I take time and appreciate and love them and however they showed up in my life. When I get an email, I take time to respond intelligently. I’m eating slowly and less in the car. I’m moving slower through my day and taking more breaths. I’m tuning into a deeper level before I hit post in social media. Even though I feel the urge to change, I’m not letting that urge shoot me awkwardly into the next thing. Slowness is giving me the opportunity to consciously and efficiently direct my energy towards what I really want.

Second:Rhythms and cycles.
I’m paying more attention to my rhythms and the fascinating world of molecules. Specifically the way hormones impact my life and how balancing them could be the real change I’ve been running for. The chemical balance of the human, and particularly the female, body is fascinating. Hormones have long been something I sort of just complained about once a month. Recently, I’ve really started to explore how they work, what they do and how I might be able to easily change my life by paying attention to my body’s natural rhythms.

Want to know more? I found this fascinating podcast with Dr. Sara Gottfried talking to men about women’s hormones. The idea is that if men and women better understand hormones, relationships and lives get infinitely better. Pretty wild. What if instead of pretending women didn’t have menstrual cycles we learned how to work with them?!??!

Third: Other people.
I have been told by many people that I am a very introspective person. Yes. Absolutely. What I didn’t know was that not everyone is this introspective. Turns out that often what is introspective and normal to me might seem distant and disconnected to other people. Previously, I really made no consideration of others when I decided to make a change. I knew my decision would impact people, but I was fine with making changes based on my needs only. I’m now committed to a deeper consideration of how my actions impact others. When I make change what if I’m not just a singular being, but who I am as a member of my community?

Why should you care about all this change talk? Well, I’m at the precipice of once again shifting my business. I will keep my weekly blogs coming because they serve you and me both. I am also working on more collaborations. I am creating a new website. I’m building partnerships and group programs and retreats. I’m committing to taking my work to deeper level with a bigger community. Stay tuned because I’m moving slowly, so I’m not just going to blurt it all out. But I’m super excited.

Thank you for reading. Reach out to me at amydevaplay {at} or post some comments about how you tackle change. I’d love to hear your method.