who am i?

Amy Devi Harris

I’m a consciousness innovator. I’m a Trendsetter. I’m a Star. I’m a Virgo, Gemini Ascendant with Taurus Moon and Leo North Node. I’m an angel. I’m an alien. I’m a dancer. I’m a pregnant lady. I’m an educator. I’m a leader. I’m the cosmic consciousness. I’m a BAMF.

I know all of that because I’ve studied my humanness from so many angles and lenses. What I’ve found is that none of that is true, and all of it is important. Studying myself has helped me fine-tune my relationships and my gifts.

A few of my favorite gifts: I can tell when something isn’t being said. I can feel the subtle energy inside of you that might be holding you in an old pattern. I’m not afraid to tell you if something is bullshit. I love deeply. I feel all the feelings. I know who you really are.

I have studied with the masters, the mountains, the ocean, the great artists, the yogis and the nothingness. I have learned how to alchemize darkness into brilliance.

Want my Credentials? I have a BA from University of Colorado in Psychology, and a Masters in Spiritual Science from Peace Theology Seminary. For the past year, I have had the honor and pleasure of being a founding member of 4PC, or the 4 Percent Club: a masterclass of the top realm of professional coaches and leaders. I spent my high school years dancing professionally with the Aspen Santa Fe Ballet. I have attended, assisted and facilitated many personal growth, yoga and coaching intensives and retreats. I have a knack for leading, educating and drawing out the genius in others.

Devi is the feminine divine nature of the universe. When I use it in my business name, it demands my most empowered self show up and hold the highest vibration possible. This is not about religion or belief, this is about the vibration of the sound Devi and what it draws out of me.

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