Write. Every. Day.

I stopped writing for a while, for multiple reasons. Mostly, I had lost my gumption. My spirit to express was in need of replenishing and so I went internal and let my process be my own.

In the last few months, I have realized I miss the way my fingers dance out the expression of my heart.

As I venture into this new year, I want to recover this form of expression again. I’m aiming to write one blog everyday this week.

The view from my writing desk.

The view from my writing desk.

We all know it is a new year. And there is all this pressure to start over, to refresh and to make a new habit pattern. My first response to societal pressures is always to question them, and then find a subtle and legal way to rebel.

So this year, I set one intention and it is just for January: “Only 10s”.

A principle introduced to me by Rich Litvin and taken further by Mark Silverman in his book “Only 10s”, the idea is that you follow the impulses from your heart and do only the things that truly light you up and inspire you. (If this idea intrigues you, grab a copy of the book.) Usually this is the non-sensical, magical, impossible type stuff.

But how? We all have to do shit we hate. Or do we? Sure you might not like going to the post office, but do you like being the kind of sister that sends her younger sibling gifts? Slow down your to-do lists and figure out your motivators, there’s a wealth of wisdom if you can slow your world down a bit.

In the last few weeks, I’ve been doing a lot of slow, deep meditation and have been paying attention to the subtle energies. Pushing, forcing and trying to make things happen makes my skin crawl and my energy leave my body. It’s almost as if I have no choice but to live 10s only. Only the HELL YES impulses get any action in my world.

Today, writing is a 10. PS. A shout-out to Emily for polishing up my website.